Latest JustWorxs/PrintWorxs Release v1.11

Our Latest Upgrade to the software v1.1 was released earlier this week on 20-Jan-2014. Below is a list of all the features included in the upgrade -

# Changes in Menu

* The Consumers, Client companies and Suppliers have been merged into a single List called Accounts in CRM which can be further classified as Client Companies, Person Accounts (called Consumers earlier) and Suppliers.

* Products and Services item has been moved under the Sales & Quoting menu.

* Production menu renamed as Jobs and Deliveries. Accounts and Invoice List renamed to Invoices.

# Notes Added

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Myth: Your time costs you nothing

CostsBlogBeing your own boss is quite something. Challenging. Yup you betcha. Tough. Most Definitely. Tricky? Truckloads of it.

One of the most common, and most dangerous myths to believe, is that your time doesn’t cost you anything. I won’t go into detail where that particular misconception comes from, rather, I am going to take a quick look at why it’s a bad idea to think that way, and how to cost your time properly when your product is you, your skills and your services.

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Know thy costs, know thy client

blogIn a previous post, we briefly discussed what pricing on value is, and touched on why you should be pricing on value and not direct cost.

This post will dig down a little more into the 2 things you need to know before you start pricing on value.

The first is your cost of manufacture. It seems a bit counter-intuitive, and quite a few MIS and production software providers will tell you that super accurate costing in your quotes doesn’t matter. That’s because they either can’t do it, or they can’t do it at a price that works for a quick print shop. And you end up thinking -  “If I’m selling on value, then I’m going to be way above my costs anyway, so close enough is good enough”

The truth couldn’t be a starker contrast:


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